While it’s common to see homes that have the exact same cabinets in the kitchen, bathrooms, and even laundry room, this can have a way of making things seem a bit boring or repetitive after a while. If that describes your home, don’t worry – you aren’t alone! Many homeowners have a desire to mix things up and introduce different styles, colors, and materials to make their homes more luxurious and in line with current cabinet door trends. It all comes down to your individual taste, but there are many options available within those three categories that can enable you to achieve a custom, high-end look.


The last thing you want to do is mismatch materials in a way that looks unfinished, but choosing a different wood species or grain pattern that complements your space can work great when done with care. Consider your flooring materials and make sure that your cabinet choices don’t clash. Matching cabinet doors to other pieces in your home is also a great way to tie everything together neatly. If you have cabinets that will butt up against crown molding or baseboards, be sure that the materials will complement each other and not look out of place.


Cabinet Door Trends

As cabinet door trends dictate, you have a lot of freedom with color so long as the palette makes sense. Using different paint or stain for cabinets in different rooms will make your home look and feel more coordinated. The same can be said for your kitchen island – it’s very common to see the island cabinets finished in a different paint or stain than the rest of the kitchen cabinets, and it can look quite luxurious when done correctly. Similarly, matching cabinet doors with your home’s interior doors can be an excellent way to carry a specific style throughout your home.


While you aren’t likely to have significant differences in overall style for each room of your home, you can use different door styles to create unique solutions that still complement your home as a whole. If your kitchen boasts mission-style cabinet doors, for example, you don’t have to carry that through into your bedroom ensuite. If you wish to achieve a more ornate feel in your ensuite, you can choose door styles that reflect that desire and accessorize with higher-end knobs and other hardware to complete the look. Keep in mind that your interior doors are typically the same style throughout, so matching cabinet doors should be done with a style that is still in the same vicinity. Alternatively, you can replace old or outdated interior doors so that they better complement your cabinet door choices.

Choose Trimlite for Your Interior Door Needs

At Trimlite, we keep a close watch on cabinet door trends to ensure that our interior doors provide ample ability to match new and classic styles. Since 1982 we have focused on manufacturing high-quality doors that are durable and designed to withstand the changing trends. With ten locations across four countries, Trimlite is able to serve a wide range of customers and provide immense value for both renovations and new construction projects. Contact us today to discuss your interior door needs and find the right products for your home.