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Exterior Wood Doors for Sale & Fiberglass Entry Doors for New Homes and Renovations

With over 158 different options at a variety of prices from low to high, you won’t have to look anywhere else to find the perfect fiberglass or wood exterior door. Whether it is a modern front door or doors that are a bit more traditional, Trimlite is your exterior door supplier and is here to recommend the perfect door for your project. Our collection of exterior fiberglass & wood doors create instant curb appeal and make your home represent your style.

What to Look for in Exterior Wood Doors for Sale?

Exterior door suppliers have a responsibility to guide their customers towards high-quality, durable, and energy-efficient doors that will help to protect their homes. At Trimlite, we carry a wide variety of doors that boast features and benefits designed to meet your needs. Whether you prefer the look and feel of wood entry doors or are looking to achieve the efficiency of fiberglass modern entry doors, Trimlite has exterior doors for sale to match your style, budget, and security needs.

Plastpro® Fiberglass Entry Doors

If you’re seeking a more solid and robust exterior door, PlastPro® models come equipped with Hydroshield™ technology, composite rails, and LVL lock blocks to give you unmatched strength and durability. Trimlite has exterior wood doors for sale and you can choose from Smooth Skin, Wood Grain, Rustic, Fir Grain, Mahogany, or White Oak series doors to create the look and curb appeal you want without compromising your home’s integrity or security. Plastpro® fiberglass exterior doors prevent moisture from entering your home and can act as your home’s first line of defense against weather, heat loss, and other unwanted factors.

Mastergrain™ Fiberglass Exterior Doors

Replicating the same look of real wood entry doors, Mastergrain™ doors are rot-resistant and constructed with composite rails. They don’t dent the way that traditional wood doors can and instead provide a robust solution for those seeking the look of wood. Mastergrain™ doors don’t have to be traditional in style, however. Trimlite has exterior woord doors for sale and carries modern front doors that can help you achieve the perfect look for your home regardless of your specific taste. From multi-panel to engraving or even stainless-steel inlays, these modern front doors will make an impact and set the tone for your home at first glance.

Exterior Wood Doors

Our exterior wood doors provide the traditional look, feel, weight, and durability that many homeowners seek when enhancing their front façade. Customers rely on exterior door suppliers to offer unparalleled quality when it comes to wood doors, and our selection will check every item off of your list.

Simpson Exterior Wood Doors for Sale

Simpson Doors has been manufacturing exterior doors since 1912 and boasts a wide selection of timeless door styles. For those who want traditional wood entry doors, Simpson’s exterior door suppliers do not disappoint. Their Bungalow series, Contemporary collection, Craftsman collection, Thermal Sash Doors, and Traditional collection provide multiple options to choose from to ensure that your style needs are met with ease.

Our Collection of Exterior Doors for your project include:

  • Plastpro Fiberglass Entry Doors
  • Mastergrain Fiberglass Doors
  • Simpson Exterior Doors
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