Raised Panel Doors

Raised Panel Interior Doors at Trimlite

Trimlite’s Raised Panel doors have a traditional style that can be used to give your house or building project a timeless look.

Available panel options include Double Hip, Single Hip, and Scoop. Trimlite’s Raised Panel doors come in a variety of panel configurations as well, ranging from two to six panels on the door. The Ovolo sticking on these doors are what add to the traditional design, while also perfectly showcasing the raised panel it borders. These doors come in both 1-⅜” and 1-¾” thicknesses, a variety of heights, and are also available as a bifold. Trimlite’s Raised Panel doors can be made from a variety of wood species, including Fir, Maple and many more.

If you’re looking for interior doors for sale with a timeless flare, Trimlite’s quality Interior Raised Panel doors are the perfect choice!

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