Traditional style home décor welcomes people into a home with the promise of warmth, comfort, order, and harmony. The design colors are calm and soothing, furniture is comfortable and sturdy without being chunky or boring with gentle curves, wingbacks, tufting and piping.

Furniture upholstery and fabrics match in color and theme, and lighting, cushions, accessories, drapes, and rugs also match in style and complement with color in various tones, bringing a reassuring familiarity to your living space and the interior and exterior doors help provide the traditional feel to every area of your home.

Not unlike the furnishing inside a home, the exterior door to a home is the first impression for visitors to feel that welcoming, warm, inviting harmony of the traditional home décor. Symmetry is a key element of traditional design, with traditional wood doors being the standard choice. A classic wood door can be solid wood, stylish fiberglass wood, or a combination of wood and glass to open up your living space.

Since your entry door is essential to the overall curb appeal of your home, it’s the perfect spot to utilize wood, glass, and more for a unique design element that expresses your own personal sense of style. Traditional styling can be luxurious while still offering comfort and the invitation to relax. In traditional interiors you’ll find wood with deep, rich tones such as cherry, walnut, mahogany, and oak.

Choosing the same wood with the same finish lends consistency and an overall cohesiveness. Wooden doors offer a classic twist on traditional luxury that pairs easily with your choice of pattern and color.

How to Choose the Right Traditional Exterior and Interior Door Styles for Classic Designs

When choosing doors for your home, it is crucial to choose a company that offers both a variety of styles and a quality line of doors. The 2020 exterior door trends for traditional doors vary by region, but the dark colors and intricate woodwork of traditional wood doors are always a top trend for builders and homeowners looking for the elegantly classic look. Coastal areas have classic wood doors with pastel finishes over the darker more tradional colors of the middle America. The door style for your project is really about the way you want your build to pop at the curb when someone pulls up. Match the interior doors to the exterior style and find a complete home look that wows visitor and buyers alike.

At Trimlite, we offer a complete line of traditional wood doors for your home’s interior and exterior needs. We work hard to be a preferred glass and door company, focusing on our customers and their needs, providing top quality products and excellent customer service, solving problems by designing products for the homes of today and the future. We understand the need consumers have for top quality products for the home provided by a company who cares about its customers, and that’s why we hire, develop, and empower our people to make decisions to help our customers.

Where to Buy Quality Traditional Wood Doors

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