Flat Panel Ovolo Bead Interior Doors at Trimlite

We’ve added a decorative Ovolo Bead to our Flat Panel doors to create our 1400 series. This bead is manufactured with precision, no nail holes, and consistent reveals at every edge.

Trimlite’s Flat Panel Ovolo Bead doors come in a variety of panel configurations, ranging from one to five panels on the door. The Ovolo sticking gives these doors a traditional twist, while the panel layouts maintain that modern edge. These Ovolo Bead interior doors come in 1-⅜” thickness, a variety of heights, and are also available as a bifold. Trimlite’s Flat Panel Ovolo Bead doors can be made from a variety of wood species, and also have the option of custom sizes.

Add some excitement to your home or building project’s décor, with Trimlite’s Flat Panel Ovolo Bead doors!

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