Exterior and Interior Doors and Doorlites for Every Home

The front door and exterior entryway are the first things that visitors see when they come to arrive at a property. At Trimlite, we know how important it is to have an appealing design that keeps the home stylish and modern without sacrificing privacy, quality and security. Trimlite’s products are designed to withstand time weather, pets, and kids while looking great and staying. But quality doors go beyond the entryway, the doors inside a home are just as important and can have a big impact on comfort, design, and potential resale value.

From Doorlites and Privacy Glass to Interior and Exterior Doors, Trimlite is Your Door Supplier

When deciding on the door options for your home, housing development, or commercial residence building, you want a company with experience. Trimlite has sold doorlites, interior and exterior doors, and accessories exclusively since it was founded in 1982. With offices in Washington, Ohio, Florida, British Colombia, and Ontario, we are ready to supply doors for your next project no matter the scale.

When building homes, it is common to have a certain style or design that helps tie the neighborhood together. Trimlite has full lines of interior and exterior doors that bring similar but different elements to their design that creates a communal diversity in door choices. Builders and homeowners want to make selections that give the entryways flare and style for years to come. Whether you choose standard exterior doors, doorlites, interior doors, or a combination of all three, a large selection of options is critical to ensuring the perfect door for your home designs.

Trimlite is a Door Manufacturer and Supplier of Quality Doors and Doorlites

At Trimlite, we offer a variety of door designs, styles and materials, so you can get all the exterior doors, interior doors, doorlites, and accessories you need in one place, with the same quality guarantee. We manufacture many of the products we sell in house and have partnerships with trusted names in the world of interior and exterior doors. We have constructed an extensive catalog to provide options for every area of a home and with our dealer network, we are sure to have stylish favorites, of homeowners and builders alike, stocked at a store near you.