HD Interior Doors

Interior HD Shaker Doors at Trimlite

Trimlite’s HD Primed Shaker doors combine the sharp edges and clean lines of a traditional Shaker door, with a contemporary twist!

True 90-degree angles where the solid MDF panel meets the solid wood stiles and rails give this substantial door a clean look, with an unmatched feeling of quality and durability. These interior doors for sale have the ability to be 20-minute fire-rated as well. Similar to our traditional Shaker doors, these HD Shaker doors have multiple panel configurations. Achieve different looks with a different number of panels. The 8401HD is simple and sleek, while the 8403HD gives you that Craftsman look, compared to the 8405HD which has a more modern flare. 

Upgrade your entryways with Interior HD Shaker Doors from Trimlite!

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