When selecting a new front door, it’s not just about curb appeal, it’s a decision that has to do with safety, security, and energy efficiency. Here are 7 essential tips to guide you through the process:

  1. Material: Choosing from steel, wood, or fiberglass, all offer unique benefits. Steel doors excel in security, wood doors provide a timeless look with great insulation, and fiberglass doors offer versatility.
  2. The Design: Modern doors can be hung various ways like traditional hinges or pivot systems. The design you choose can not only impact the look but also the functionality.
  3. Insulation and Energy Efficiency: Look for doors with good insulation to enhance your home’s energy efficiency. As well, look for thermal break features in steel and fiberglass doors to prevent heat loss.
  4. Security: A locking system is essential. Look for doors with long deadbolts and reinforced strike plates. Additional options may include keyless entries and multi-point locking systems.
  5. Door Swing Direction: Depending on your home’s layout, decide whether you need an inward or outward swinging door.
  6. Color and Finish: Your front door should complement your home’s exterior. Choose bold colors to make a statement. Choose natural finishes to appeal to classic tastes.
  7. Installation: To ensure the best fit, consider professional installation. It guarantees that your door not only looks great but functions perfectly.

Choosing the right front door enhances your home’s aesthetic, improves energy efficiency, and secures your entrance. Contact Trimlite and consider these tips to find a door that meets your style, budget, and security needs today!