Contemporary style features softened, rounded lines with interiors containing both neutral elements and bold color. Furniture is clean, without embellishments or carving. Sleek silhouettes, light colored wood with minimal grain patterns, glass, stainless steel, and chrome are commonly seen in contemporary styling, with natural fabrics adding warmth and texture. Accessories offer interesting pops of color, pattern, and texture in spaces anchored by neutral tones.

Why Wood Doors?

The main entrance is an extremely important part of any structure, choosing the right door for your build brings instant curb appeal that sets homes apart from the competition. When choosing the model for your new front door, remember to take into account both the type of structure and method of construction for the project. It is also important to consider the general style of the existing outer surfaces.

Our eyes are naturally drawn to the door when looking at or approaching a house, making the front door a big part of the overall first impression. Choosing the right door will have a massive impact on the look and feel of your home, remodel project, or building development designs and natural wood doors are a perfect choice for every style.

Wooden Doors and Modern Home Designs

Wood Door Styles

A modern wood door anchors a home’s entryway and provide solidity, warmth, and character. Wood doors have been the doors of choice for centuries and remain a popular way to express your design choice and personality.

A contemporary wood door offers clean lines and a natural simplicity that can complement both the interior and exterior design of your home. In addition to style, a top quality door will withstand unpredictable weather and provide security for your family. Trimlite manufactures and distributes exterior and interior doors, decorative door glass, and millwork products for the building materials industry.

Trimlite and Quality Wooden Door Designs for Every Home

We are able to offer our customers premium doors, door glass, and associated accessories from select vendors through our strategic partnerships. We understand how the combination of wood and glass in a modern wood door can open up a space by bringing in natural light. Doors offer a unique opportunity to combine wood, glass, metal, and decorative details to create a one of a kind design features for your home.

Choosing the Right Wood Door for Your Build

When deciding how to pick the door style for your project it is important to consider the follow factors:

  • Wooden doors provide great natural insulation, both for sound and temperature, and a sustainable option for front door for your modern home.
  • Wooden doors require minimal upkeep
  • Pairs great with intricate Doorlite designs and Hardware accessories.
  • Check the measurement of the entry to determine if you need a single or double-door style.
  • Wood types have different grains and natural coloring that affect finishes and style.
  • Not all wood doors are the same! Quality matters when choosing a wood door, look at the materials and product information before purchasing.
  • Wood doors can be painted or stained—get creative!


Contemporary wood doors provide homeowners with a classic twist on luxury, whether you choose solid wood, fiberglass wood that is both stylish and strong, or a mixture of wood and glass. We have over 100 styles of interior doors for your home, and our team is dedicated to designing products for homes now and for the future. For questions about our products or our process, contact us today. We would love to help you bring quality, style, and function to your contemporary home with our exterior and interior doors and accessories.