Why choose a fiberglass door?

Water is your door’s worst enemy. It causes mildew, rotting, warping and rusting. Eliminate costly call-backs with Plastpro Fiberglass Doors. Unlike ordinary wood-edged fiberglass doors, our exclusive Hydroshield composite edge seals the entire door against the effects of water infiltration. Plus, our tough fiberglass exterior eliminates the dents and dings associated with normal site wear and tear.


What steps can I take to keep my door from leaking?

Make sure your door is installed properly.  Add JamsillGuard when ordering your prehung door. This sill flashing when installed along with the prehung door could protect against costly water leaks.


What are your warranties?

Please go to our Warranty Page to review our warranties for our products. 


How do I know which way I want my door to swing?

We offer a guide to help with your decision. It is under the Customer Resources Page in the Product Downloads section of our sister website www.codeldoors.com.


What if there is not a Trimlite dealer in my area?

Please contact us at one our locations and we can see what options might be available in your area.


Do you offer custom doors and doorlites?

We do offer custom sizes for some of our interior doors, transoms, and doorlites. However, we have a variety of options on our exterior, patio and interior doors to select the perfect door for your project.


How are your interior doors constructed?

Our doors come standard with solid wood stiles and rails with an overlay on top. We use dowel construction to join the doors, minimizing gaps at the seams. 


What species of interior doors does Trimlite offer?

We offer 3 different species of interior doors. The first is a primed white door. We use a veneer of MDF and paint it white to provide an even primed white color that is ready to paint. The next is douglas fir. We use high grade VG Fir to create tight grain patterns and minimize any knots in the wood. That makes the staining uniform for our product. The final wood species is Knotty Alder. We source select grade Knotty Alder to provide a rustic look. 


What is Low-E?

Low-E is a coating on the inside of a doorlite that blocks harmful UV rays from entering your house. It minimizes the fading of your floors, carpet, and furniture and helps regulate the heating and cooling of your home. There are a variety of Low-E options that we offer and if you want to learn about the different options we carry, please contact us at one of our locations for more details. 


Why does Trimlite put argon in your decorative doorlites?

Argon is an inert gas that adds density between the panes of glass. It improves the energy efficiency of the glass to meet certain energy star requirements. All of our decorative glass units come standard with Low-E with Argon.


Are Trimlite products energy star qualified?

We offer a variety of energy star rated products, with or without glass. Contact us to learn about the options or visit our U-Values page.


How many doors are on your bifold?

Each bifold comes with one door, a track, and hardware to install in a finished opening like a closet. However, each door has two leaves, which allow the door to bend to open the bifold. 


Do Trimlite’s bifold doors arrive with track and hardware?

Yes, each bifold door arrives with track and hardware to install into a finished opening.


Something is wrong with my door, what should I do? 

Please contact the nearest location and we can work with you to have your door fixed or troubleshoot the issue to help you.


Do you have any specifications about sizes for your doors? 

We offer those specification options here on our website. There are many of our door specifications for you to download. If you don’t find the one you need, please give us a call and we can send it to you.


Does Trimlite offer custom sizes? 

For some of our products like interior doors, we can make custom door sizes up to 6’ x 10’, depending on the product. For our exterior and patio door offerings, there are limited custom options where we can cut the door down. It depends on the door. Please contact us if you have an odd size and want to know what exterior door designs might work. 


What’s the largest door Trimlite offers? 

For our exterior doors, we can provide a door up to 3’6” x 8’0” without sidelites or a transom. For interior doors, we can make a door up to 6’ x 10’. Please contact us to learn more about the different door sizes, or browse our different door styles to see which design is right for you. 


Does Trimlite sell direct to homeowners, builders or contractors? 

We do not sell direct to the public. We work through a network of dealers, distributors, and home improvement stores. They have specialized knowledge to help you with the finer details of your project. Click here to find a dealer near you. If you have specific product related questions, please contact us at one of our locations here.


Does Trimlite have a single toll-free number?

Each of our locations in the US and Canada have their separate numbers. Please find them here.

Are Trimlite doors prefinished? 

Our doors do not come prefinished as a standard, however it is required to meet the conditions of our warranty. They are ready to be painted or stained. Our local dealers and distributors can offer prefinishing as a value-added option or you can find alternatives to finish your door.