Choosing An Exterior Door – What To Consider During Selection

Your home’s entryway door helps define its style and contributes to its curb appeal and also must provide plenty of privacy, functionality, and noise reduction. Because of this, it can be difficult to choose an exterior door for your home – whether you’re remodeling, or you’re building a brand-new home.

Not sure what type of exterior door to use for your home? Read on, and Trimlite will discuss a few top considerations you should keep in mind when choosing an exterior door.


Choosing The Right Material

There are lots of different materials used to build exterior doors, but most doors are built from one of the following three materials.

  • Wood – Solid wood isn’t cheap, but provides a unique and traditional appearance and has an excellent lifespan. It’s easy to repair and refinish, so wood doors can last a lifetime with proper care. It’s easy to cover up and hide small scratches and dings. There are also more varieties and styles available compared to steel doors. In addition, wood is a much better insulator, which can help you save on your power bill.
  • Fiberglass/composite – Composite or “fiberglass” doors use two door “shells” made of composite materials, filled with a foam-based insulator. They’re really durable and require less maintenance than wood. They are also very energy-efficient, more lightweight for easy installation, and tend to be a bit cheaper than wood doors, so they may be a good choice for your home.
  • Steel – Steel doors use a wood or steel frame and a steel “skin” that’s filled with insulation, and may have a vinyl coating or polyester finish to provide weather resistance, or even a wood-like veneer. They’re affordable and low-maintenance, but can be dented and rust easily, and tend to provide poor energy efficiency.

Entry Door


The Style Of Neighboring Homes

If you live in an area with an HOA (Homeowners Association), there may be restrictions on the type, color, style, and appearance of your exterior door. Check with your HOA before choosing your exterior door.

Even if you don’t have an HOA, it may be good to consider the style of neighboring homes. Choosing a door that blends in is a good way to unify the aesthetic of your home – but a bold, bright door can be great, too!

Your Privacy Preferences

If your front door will have glass to let in light – particularly at eye level or below – you may want to choose privacy glass that’s treated or designed to ensure your home and its residents won’t be visible to people outside.


Choosing a door with a peephole may also be a good idea. Peepholes let you see who’s on the other side of the door without opening it – so you can avoid salespeople, canvassers, and

anyone else who you may not want to speak to.

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