Adding an interior barn door to your home is one of the most popular trends of the year and can create a focal point. They can also enable you to open or close off areas of your home without the use of a traditional swing door, and if space is a concern, interior barn doors eliminate the need for swing altogether which saves space and complements your home.

Various Designs

Barn door trends are very unique – they don’t have to be one specific style! Flush barn doors are often single panels and can be constructed out of wood or metal to achieve a specific look. Paneled barn doors may offer more aesthetically pleasing options that include multiple panels or sections that break up space. Glass barn doors are another great option for allowing natural sunlight to pass through while still closing off the space. Trimlite doors follow the popular trends of the year, so you’ll always have options that work with your space.

Match Any Space

With so many unique interior barn door designs available there is an infinite number of ways to match your space or style of decor with interior barn doors. Choose from knotty woods or sleek, primed finishes for wood doors to achieve a rustic-industrial style that reins as one of the hottest trends of the year. Barn door trends make an impact that stands out and can offer the perfect amount of flair to multiple spaces.

Barn Door Trends

Where to Use Barn Doors

Barn doors can be used anywhere in the interior of your home to provide access to closets, bedrooms, ensuites, pantries, home offices, and more. Interior barn door designs can be subtle or loud depending on their use and will help to save space in tighter areas. Barn doors don’t usually latch or have locking mechanisms, so it’s recommended that they be used for spaces that aren’t intended to be secure such as powder rooms or other private areas.

Barn Door Hardware

Interior barn doors slide, which really sets them apart from other traditional doors. This means that the hardware they use should be installed correctly and correlate with the rest of your decor. Many barn door hardware options come with either black or stainless steel hardware to complete the rustic look, making them a top pick for barn door trends of the year.

Why Trust Trimlite When Choosing a Door?

Trimlite has been producing doors since 1982 and we have maintained our commitment to creating high-quality, durable, and stylish doors for our customers. Doors are sometimes overlooked due to their simple function, but the difference good doors can make to your home is paramount. Our team understands that you need solutions to fit your individual needs and interior barn door design choices, and our goal is to provide you with the right doors every time. Contact us to order interior barn doors or traditional doors for your home or business today and experience the difference with a Trimlite door.