French doors have served as a popular addition to many homes for decades, providing a decorative, inviting, and efficient way to open or close off spaces. They feature glass panels that are usually transparent and

enable light to enter a space, as well as show off the view beyond. If you are considering installing French doors in your home, there are a number of attractive benefits to consider.

Benefits of French Doors

Exterior French Doors

Aesthetic Value

French doors are visually pleasing and can add more aesthetic value than a normal slab door. They are often used as entrances to gardens or terraces and can provide a beautiful view of the outside world while still remaining decorative.

Open Concept

Most homeowners want to feel a natural flow between the indoors and outdoors, as well as from one room to another. French doors enable these spaces to be connected and inviting and promote movement throughout your space.

Natural Light

Few things compare to the look of natural sunlight pouring through the windows and warming up your space with a sense of freshness. French doors enable light to seep through reducing your need for lights to be turned on.

Wide Openings

French doors can provide a unique solution for homes that have adjoining spaces such as adjacent living and dining rooms. Whether for noise reduction or heat distribution, French doors can help to open or close off portions of your home while at the same time, keeping everything connected.

Where to Place French Doors in Your Home

Due to their decorative designs and endless functionality, French doors can be used as both interior and exterior doors. Access to patios, terraces, and balconies are common exterior applications, while French doors in kitchens, dining rooms, and living rooms are common on the inside of the home.

Interior French Doors

Tips & Tricks


When planning to install a French door, consider which way it will swing. Most exterior doors will swing inward into the home, but for interior French doors, you’ll want to ensure that you have space as the doors may remain open for longer periods.



Depending on placement and room type, you may wish to keep the glass transparent or opt for a glazed/frosted finish for spaces that require more privacy such as ensuites or home offices.


If you’re installing French doors on the exterior of your home, ensure that they are weather-proof and include the proper weather stripping to keep water and other elements outside.

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