When decorating or renovating a home, one aspect that often gets overlooked is the synergy between interior and exterior doors. However, the harmonious blending of these doors can greatly enhance the overall aesthetics of your home. Here are some tips and ideas to help you pair your interior and exterior doors for a cohesive look:

  1. Material Matching:
  • Wood: If your exterior door boasts a beautiful natural wood finish, consider echoing that warmth indoors. Choose similar wood types or stains to create harmony.
  • Steel or Fiberglass: These materials offer a modern touch. You can replicate the look inside with sleek, smooth custom interior & exterior door solutions.


  1. Color Coordination:
  • Exterior Hue:Choose an exterior door color that complements the home’s exterior style. Navy or deep green might be ideal for a white or cream house while lighter colors may complement a darker exterior.
  • Interior Shades: For cohesion, use a similar color palette inside. This doesn’t mean every door inside should be navy, but perhaps softer shades or complementary colors.


  1. Decorative Elements:
  • Glass Panels: If your exterior door features decorative glass, consider using similar patterns or types of glass for interior doors or sidelights.
  • Detailed Carvings: Some exterior doors have intricate carvings. Echo this artistry by selecting interior doors with similar patterns or themes.


  1. Hardware Harmony:
  • Hardware: Match the handles, knobs, and other hardware of your interior & exterior doors. For instance, if you’re using brushed nickel outdoors, carry that inside for cohesion.


  1. Style Synergy:
  • Traditional: If your exterior door leans traditional, perhaps with raised panels or ornate details, pick interior doors that reflect the same feel.
  • Modern:Clean lines, minimal detailing, and neutral colors are hallmarks of modern doors. Ensure your custom interior & exterior door solutions align with this style direction.

Pairing interior and exterior doors is not just about visual appeal, but it’s about creating a seamless flow from the outside in. With the right balance, your home can impress each visitor with its cohesive designs. Remember, the doors of your home are more than just functional elements; they’re an expression of your style and the care you put into your living space. Embrace custom interior and exterior door solutions and make your home unique. Contact our team at Trimlite today to start planning your interior and exterior doors for your remodel, new build, and more!