Considering a new look for your front door? Picking the perfect color can be an important factor when designing your home because this has the ability to enhance your home’s exterior appearance and show your personality.

Going with the latest door color trends is undoubtedly a safe option. The latest door color trends can inspire you before you repaint or replace your front door. Take a look below to learn more about the exterior door color trends of the year!

Saturated and Moody Colors

Saturated colors are one of the exterior door color trends homeowners prefer. Such colors are rich and intense, which makes them perfect for creating an inviting exterior. Along with its welcoming vibe, saturated colors are also vibrant and captivating. Like saturated shades, moody hues also steal the spotlight while expressing unique personalities.

Incorporating vibrant shades like bold reds, deep blues, bright yellows, or lush greens allows you to make a bold statement. When choosing moody colors, you don’t have to think too much about the architectural style of your house. These colors are versatile and fit almost all types of architectural styles.

For example, try painting your front door cherry red and pairing it with white exteriors. These colors will help you add character to your door while adding a pop of color to the front.

Jewel Tones

Another way to make your house stand out from the crowd is by using jewel-toned colors on the entry doors. Jewel tones are eye-catching while evoking elegance and charm. These colors are best to make a striking statement on your front door. Jewel tones are inspired by gemstone colors such as deep emerald green, regal sapphire blue, luxurious amethyst purple, and radiant ruby red. Jewel tones are versatile, too — they fit various architectural styles. You can pair jewel-toned doors with both light and dark exteriors.

Dark Hues

You can also choose moody dark tones instead of bright, saturated tones. If used correctly, darker shades can add drama and sophistication to your house front. Darker shades like black and charcoal are among the best exterior and interior door color trends. These colors are versatile and complement nearly all styles of houses.

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