Exterior Holiday Door Decorating

As the long-awaited winter holiday season approaches, many families will begin to decorate their homes to provide a festive ambiance and look for various Christmas door ideas online. But even though it might seem simple to hammer a nail into place to hang your holiday wreath, causing damage to your door can create unwanted issues down the road. We’ve put together a few door decorating tips to help you protect your doors and make the most of your Christmas door decorations.

Holiday Door Decorating: What to Avoid


Tape seems like a harmless option for hanging Christmas door decorations, but it can have a negative impact on your door. Tape is extremely adhesive which means that when the holidays are over and it’s time to remove your Christmas door decorations, you might actually take some of the door with you. Paint and lacquer may peel right off and wreck the finish of your door, leaving it prone to water damage.


Using nails to hang your holiday door decorating is tempting as well, but protruding nails can be quite the eyesore for the rest of the year. If you constantly fill the hole and then tap a new nail into place the following year, you’d end up disrupting the structural integrity of your door leaving it prone to further damage. Nails can be a viable solution if you’re planning a door replacement in the spring, but should otherwise not be used.

Door Decorating Tips

Safe Door Decorating Tips

Fishing Line & Removable, Self-Adhesive Hooks

One of our creative door decorating tips is to use fishing line to hang various festive items. Fishing line is a great way to secure ornaments from your outdoor porch or patio lights, and you can use self-adhesive hooks to attach garland either to the face of your door or above your door opening without drilling into your door directly.

Clean the surface thoroughly before you place the hooks, and make sure that your garland isn’t too heavy. You can wrap garland multiple times on the same hook to get it just right, if necessary, and use fishing line to support the garland by attaching it to your downspouts.

Over The Door Wreath Hangers

Sometimes the classic wreath hanger is the way to go. These over the door hangers fit snugly atop your door so that you don’t have to use tape or nails to secure a heavy wreath. If you’re looking for something a little different in the way of Christmas door ideas, consider using pine branches arranged with cranberries or pine cone bundles. You can tie branches together with twine or fishing line to create a unique ensemble of festive color that will really enhance your holiday door decorating strategy. Then, simply hang your creation on an over the door wreath hanger and you’ll have the perfect welcoming décor for your main entrance.


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