Customize Your Door with Exterior Door Accessories

We get it – doors can seem a bit boring at times. When you think about customization, personalization, or accessories, doors aren’t usually the first part of your home that comes to mind. But there are numerous exterior door accessories that you can use to enhance your door to make it more appealing beyond its basic function and help it stand out against a sea of regular, drab doors. Whether you’re trying to match a specific style, promote natural light, or just add some enhanced protection, we’ve put together a few exterior door accessories that will help you get the job done.


How to Customize Your Door


Glass Inserts

Decorative, textured, or even clear glass inserts can give your door an added flair and serve as the only exterior door accessories to allow natural light to shine through. A basic slab door may not be appealing, but adding a glass insert enables you to showcase your own style and tie it into other elements of your home.

Hinges and Straps

18″ Hinge Strap For Exterior Doors

Hinges are often subtle in terms of exterior door accessories, but they can also be quite decorative. Stylish garage doors will often have large faux hinges to make them look like antique barn doors, but you can also utilize this style of hinge to make your front door look more prominent. Your hinges should be equipped to handle the weight of your door and provide a secure entry point, but there’s no reason they can’t be fancy.


Decorative Square Clavos for Exterior Doors


These small round (or square) metal accents provide an interesting way to customize your door. Typically found in Rustic or Craftsman style homes, clavos provide a metallic look and add weight to your entry. Clavos are easy to apply and do not have to be installed to the interior of your home. And, they are an easy upgrade to provide curb appeal on a budget.



Speakeasy - Exterior Door Accessories


Your home and entry door may not have an option to add glass. Speakeasy accessories are not only a great option to keep your privacy, but also allow you to see who is at your door. And, with their metal frame, it provides an accent that works well with my home styles and provides security.

Why Choose Trimlite When Choosing a Door?

At Trimlite, we know everything there is to know about doors. We’ve been producing durable, high-quality door products since 1982. Doors don’t have to be boring, and it is our goal to provide you with well-built doors and exterior door accessories that meet the needs of your home. Contact us today to order doors or to get more information about our manufacturing process and learn how we can protect your home with a Trimlite door.