Many homeowners wish to customize their homes by enhancing the look of their exterior doors. Whether by installing ornate knobs, accessories such as a speakeasy, clavos, or glass insert, or choosing a wood stain that really pops, there are numerous things you can do to showcase your unique and personal style. If deciding on a wood door stain or fiberglass door stain is your first step towards personalization, there are a few points to consider before busting out your paintbrush.

Wood Doors

Exterior Elements

If you’re planning to stain your front or other exterior doors, you’ll want to consider the elements that they will be exposed to. Many stains are designed to withstand hefty UV exposure, but if they aren’t, you can end up with UV degradation as well as door staining that ends up fading in color. Choose a wood door stain or fiberglass door stain that has been formulated to stand up to constant sunlight and harsh weather so that it will last and require minimal maintenance.

Species of Door Wood

The type of wood that your door is constructed from can make a difference in terms of how the color of your stain will appear. Some wood is more porous by nature and will absorb the stain better than others giving you a more saturated finish. Other wood types may keep a lot of their original color and take on the new color with less enthusiasm. Fiberglass door stain words a little differently than wood door stain, but there are useful door staining techniques that will produce a desirable result. To learn more, check out our Care and Maintenance page or view our “Enhance Your Curb Appeal by Staining or Painting Your Front Door” blog entry.

Neighboring Design

Choosing a wood stain for your interior doors involves matching your existing style and décor. Consider your color scheme and pick a color based on how it will interact with the rest of your home. For exterior door staining, observe your neighbor’s homes to ensure that your fiberglass door stain or wood door stain matches reasonably with neighboring design trends. This will help you stand out, but not so much that it takes away from the rest of your community.

Why Choose Trimlite?

Trimlite has been producing doors for home and business owners since 1982, and we have grown our operation to span 4 countries with 10 convenient locations. Whether abroad or in the United States, our doors offer premium security and protection from elements, as well as unparalleled style and craftsmanship. We know that door staining can freshen up your door and give it new life, and our goal is to help our customers achieve their desired look by providing helpful advice and suggested tips to improve their homes. Choosing a wood stain or fiberglass door stain for an interior or exterior door changes the way you enter a room, and you can experience the difference yourself by ordering your doors from Trimlite. Contact us today!