As 2020 draws to a close, new interior and front door trends for 2021 begin to spring up to offer your home a new, refreshed look. Changing your doors is a simple, mess-free way of sprucing things up and can increase both your curb appeal and your interior environment. At Trimlite, our job is to know what looks good – what’s in and what’s out – and we’ve put together a few door trends that are sure to take your home through the 20s in style.


Exterior Door Trends for 2021

2021 Door Trends

Glass Inserts

Natural light has become more important than ever for many homeowners, and there are a few reasons why you should consider glass as one of the main front door trends for 2021. On top of adding some personal style to the exterior of your home, glass enables you to brighten up your entry without sacrificing privacy.

Bungalow Doors

Straying away from cookie-cutter doors is a desire for many, and a bungalow door adds the perfect touch to make your front entry warm, inviting, and homey. The handcrafted woodwork, V-groove panels, and option for glass inserts place bungalow doors at the top of the list of front door trends for 2021.

Interior Door Trends for 2021

Sliding Doors

Sliding doors may not be new, but they look fantastic and help to save space in tighter areas. Barn doors are a popular style of sliding door, but in terms of interior door trends for 2021, you don’t have to go rustic to make it stylish. Depending on your décor, choosing a more modern look can really complement your home – plus, sliding doors are super easy to install.

Simple French Wood Bar Doors

These full-length doors with glass panel inserts have become a hot item on the list of interior door trends for 2021. Choose only horizontal mullion bars for a more modern look, or stick to the vertical/horizontal combination to achieve a timeless, traditional style that opens up any room.

Vibrant Wood Stains

As door trends change, so do the color palettes. Choosing a vibrant new stain for your interior doors can provide a fresh look that acts as a feature on its own and gives your home some truly unique character.


Trimlite Knows Door Trends

At Trimlite, we make it our business to stay up to date on the latest door trends to provide you with various options to freshen up your home. We’ve been producing top quality doors since 1982 and have focused on both style and function to create doors that enhance the look and feel of every room as soon as you enter. We are regarded by many as experts when it comes to door trends and specifically front and interior door trends for 2021. Contact us today to order doors for your home and experience the quality and feel of Trimlite doors for yourself.