Nothing embodies the modern farmhouse movement better than interior barn doors. Not only do interior barn door ideas add to the modern farmhouse interior design theme that’s become increasingly popular in recent years, but they can add character to a room, help hide areas with style, and are great for tight spaces that don’t have much room for a door swing. They’re perfect for closing off entrances to an office, playroom, pantry, or entertainment/game room and also offer an easy way to section off one large open space into two separate rooms. If you’re interested in hopping on the design trend and seeing what ways you can incorporate interior barn doors into your spaces, take a look at these barn door décor ideas to get inspired.

Interior barn doors for a master bathroom or bedroom

Because they can’t lock and don’t sit flush against the wall, meaning they won’t muffle sounds or trap odors very well, interior barn doors probably wouldn’t be a good choice for the bathrooms in a house that everybody uses. However, they are great for sectioning off a master bathroom or closet from the bedroom itself. If you’re lucky enough to have a large master bedroom connected to a walk-in closet and large master bath, interior barn doors ideas can be a clever way to separate the two spaces while also bringing some character to the room. And with the bevy of different design options, you’re sure to find several options that match your existing master bedroom décor.

Hiding appliances

Washers and dryers are essential, but there’s no good way to incorporate them into any design, and manufacturers aren’t designing them with style in mind. So, why not hide them in a way that won’t just add to the design of a room but be a focal point as well? Having the doors open makes bringing laundry in and out a breeze, and when they’re closed, you won’t have to pay your washer and dryer any attention.

Maximize pantry space

A lot of interior barn door décor ideas revolve around the the kitchen, and this one is specific to pantry spaces. Pantry space doesn’t seem to stay empty for that long, and unfortunately, you can’t create more space out of things air, only maximize the space that you have. Interior barn doors can be very efficient in spaces like these and will help you maximize the storage space available to you. Plus, if you already have a rustic or farmhouse kitchen design, it’ll fit right in and complement the aesthetic!

Hide your TV

A lot of barn door ideas have to do with hiding something away that you consistently need access to but don’t need to see all the time, and this one is no different. Putting your large flat-screen TV used to be all the rage back in the day, but it’s far from a trend today. So, use sliding barn doors to hide it away in an interesting way until it’s time to binge three seasons of your favorite show in one weekend.

Looking for more barn door décor ideas? Or maybe you’ve been wanting to add some barn doors to your home for a while but haven’t found the right style. Regardless, the experts at Trimlite can help you find the best interior barn doors for your style and space with their knowledge and our wide selection. Explore our range of interior barn door ideas and shop through our selection or contact us to learn more today!