While curb appeal is traditionally thought of in terms of landscaping with a well-manicured lawn, trees, plants, and flowers that create a cohesive, attractive image, you shouldn’t forget about your entryway. We’ve all heard of the importance of making a good first impression, and you definitely want to do so with your front entrance. Front entrances have always been seen as an important part of the home because they set tone for your visitors and guests and can add to the overall design of your home’s exterior. The front door is always the most prominent part of any entryway, so it’s crucial to nail the design. However, with the wide variety of colors, materials, styles, and more to choose it can be extremely overwhelming to sort through them all to find the right one for you. Or maybe you just moved in and don’t have the budget to immediately get a new door to reflect your style. Regardless, we want to help you out! Here, we’ll go over three ways to make your front door stand out that can help both those who feel overwhelmed by the options available to them and those who don’t want to get a whole new front door.

Paint Your Front Door a Bold Color

If you don’t feel like getting a brand-new front door, painting your existing one a bold color will give it new life and make it pop! It’s also an easy project you can do by yourself on the weekend, so it’s both affordable and time efficient. Most front doors are painted understated tones of neutral colors like brown, beige, and tan, so they complement the color of a home, but that isn’t to say bold colors won’t work. Deep, vibrant reds are one of the most popular bold colors because they draw the eye in and are hard to miss. Red doors stand out, especially against a house with lots of exposed brick or a mainly white exterior. Navy and royal blues are another popular choice and work well on homes with a mainly light grey exterior color scheme, and lime green colors work especially well against homes with a dark grey or charcoal exterior. A little pop of color can go a long way, and since the painting can easily be done on a weekend, you can make a quick change if you don’t like the new look as much as you thought you would. Just make sure to do your painting on a sunny day, so the paint has time to dry before you put the door back on its hinges.

Choose a Unique Style

If you’d rather just get an entirely new front door, make sure you take your time to find a unique style that speaks to you. And there will be a lot of styles to choose from! While you should choose a style that’ll stand out, you don’t want it to stand out for the wrong reasons. For example, if you have a very modern home, you probably won’t want to get a traditional door design with raised panels and glass inserts because it would look very out of place. If you’re not sure what kind of style you should get, check out our Inspiration page for some ideas.


Sometimes the best way to make your front door stand out is to surround it with an eye-catching arrangement of flowers, planters, or both. Especially if you have a porch or large entry space, adding greenery will make it feel more inviting, and flowers with colors that compliment your door’s color can make it stand out. You may also want to consider the lighting around your front door, as hanging lanterns or others light fixtures can also make the space feel more welcoming.

The holidays also offer opportunities for you to dress up your front entrance and make it stand out. Christmas and Halloween are two of the more obvious holidays that let you play with the look of your front doors but don’t forget about Thanksgiving, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, and the 4th of July.

Whether you’re looking for a new front door, thinking about repainting it, or just needing some inspiration on how to make your front door stand out, Trimlite wants to help! Check out our selection of exterior doors and contact us with any questions.