The more efficient your home can be, the less impact it has on the world around you. As costs rise and climatic conditions change, the increased importance placed on energy efficiency has many seeking options for lowering their impact as well as their utility costs. Energy efficient doors can make a big difference to your home and help you achieve the performance you need by keeping both hot and cold air inside your home and preventing the outside air from seeping in throughout the year.

How Do Doors Increase Energy Efficiency?

Fiberglass exterior doors provide excellent insulation opportunities to help you achieve better energy efficiency. Unlike steel or wooden doors, fiberglass doors have nearly four times the R-value and are extremely weather-resistant. As such, they are able to prevent heat or cold air from inside your home from leaking into the outdoors. In the case of glass doors, weatherstripping can help create a tight seal, but the use of Low-E glass is the best option for enhanced energy efficiency. Low-E glass works to reflect heat away from your home, helping to keep your indoor temperature regulated.

The Benefits of Energy Efficient Doors

Using energy efficient doors to stop heat or cold air from escaping your home means that your heating and cooling equipment doesn’t have to work harder to maintain a constant temperature. This saves energy by reducing the amount of gas or electricity that is consumed. The big benefit here is that when your energy consumption goes down, so do your costs. Installing energy-efficient doors can help you to save money constantly by lowering your monthly utility bill.

Energy Efficient Doors

Why Choose Trimlite for Energy Efficiency Doors?

Trimlite has been serving customers across the nation and beyond since 1982 and we have focused our attention on manufacturing doors that promote energy efficiency and cost savings. Our customers want high-quality solutions to help prevent wasted energy, and we are constantly updating our practices to deliver these solutions as technology advances. Over the years, Trimlite has expanded to four countries with ten locations to meet the needs of customers both here in the United States and abroad. Contact us today to discuss options for your home and experience the difference with Trimlite energy efficient doors.