A door is more than just a door – it’s the entryway to your home. As such, it can have a big impact on maintaining energy efficiency. Installing energy efficient doors like fiberglass doors can save you from future costs and add more value to your home. The importance of energy efficient doors is much more comprehensive than meets the eye.

Advantages of Energy Efficient Doors

The core function of the energy efficient door is to prevent hot or cold air from leaving your house – meaning, our doors can help maintain the indoor temperature. Consequently, it reduces the you’re your  heating and cooling units are completing.

Here’s how energy efficient doors can help you –

Save Utility Costs:

Energy efficient doors help reduce the amount of gas or electricity your house’s HVAC consumes. This also lowers the monthly utility expenses.

Easy Maintenance:

Energy-saving fiberglass doors can be easily cleaned with a rag to remove dirt and dust.

More Durable:

Fiberglass doors are more resistant to weather conditions than wood or steel doors. It’s a long-lasting entryway solution that doesn’t need frequent replacing. You can simply repaint a worn-out fiberglass door and use it for longer.

Improves Curb Appeal:

Fiberglass designs are available to meet your house’s unique style and personality. Some of them have natural-looking textures like wood or wrought-iron grille.

How Doors Increase Energy Efficiency?

Materials like fiberglass have excellent insulation qualities. Fiberglass has four times the R-value than steel and wooden doors. These doors are ideal for keeping a suitable temperature indoors. But Low-E glass doors are best for enhancing efficiency because they can reflect heat away from houses.

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