The importance of an exterior door in your home cannot be emphasized enough. Not only is it the most recognizable aspect of your home, but it also serves the great purpose of keeping your home safe and aesthetically pleasing. Besides, your front door is a focal point that speaks volumes about your home’s overall design and functionality. Unfortunately, most people don’t pay much attention to their entry doors.

If you’re installing a new front door or replacing your existing one, it is worth considering the latest trends to ensure you add significant appeal and value to your home. Here are the top exterior door trends for 2022 to give you inspiration.

Exterior Door Trends 2022

Wide Doors

Traditionally, exterior doors have been limited to single doors with standardized specifications. However, as we move on into the future, designers are creating new front door designs that promise to give your home a unique look and feel. In 2022, these recent trends are more inclined towards wide doors.

Wide doors are available either as wider single or double-leaf doors, often made in different sizes, shapes, or designs. The newest wide door design is the three-leaf door that features a movable blank panel.

Bold Colors 

Bold is one of the most popular front door color trends for 2022. But if you’re not very good with colors, you might find yourself opting for natural colors. However, that doesn’t mean you completely ignore the idea of bold colors. Keep in mind that bold is the trending front door color in 2022. Bold hues such as blues, bright reds, teals, and yellows have become significantly popular.

Applying bright colors to your front door will not only add outstanding beauty but can also complement other modern designs in your home. Going bold is also a great way to create cohesion within your home if you match the door color with other elements like clocks, rugs, and throw pillows.

Doors with Lots of Glass

Glass doors have been popularly used for interior office doors and other places like churches. However, in 2022 lots of glass is expected to be incorporated into home exterior doors. Usually, a glass door is used as the actual door or at the upper parts of the door. Glass front doors can help create an incredible natural light design or add a unique appeal to your home.

Decorative Glass Doors 

Decorative glass door designs are expected to rise in popularity in 2022. These designs can be used to decorate the door leaf, the transom, or the door itself. Designers provide different decoration options depending on your overall exterior design.

Fiberglass Doors 

Fiberglass doors are replicating the same look as real wood entry doors but are constructed with composite rails and LVL lock blocks to give you a more solid and robust exterior door. Choosing from several different designs you can create the look and curb appeal you want without compromising your home’s integrity or security. In 2022, fiberglass doors will be paired with classic home designs to create a modern element in homes without the need for a total redesign.

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