Decorative Door Glass & Glass Door Inserts

Homes come in every shape, size, and design, but unfortunately, few homeowners get to actually choose the perfect combination of shape, size, and design they want in a house. Changing the shape and size of a home is time-consuming and expensive but changing the exterior design is an easy way to make your home better reflect your personal style. Upgrading your home’s exterior can also increase curb appeal and add value to your home!

Your home’s front door is a perfect place to start this redesign, and the addition of decorative door glass, called a doorlite, can instantly add some visual interest to your home’s exterior. Finding the right decorative door glass that compliments your style is important, and thankfully there are a lot of different glass door inserts for you to choose from! No matter your style preferences, you can find a doorlite that’s perfect for you.

Decorative door glass combines solid metals and textured and beveled glass to create a beautiful work of art that will turn your front door into a conversation piece. In addition to playing with materials and shapes to create an interesting look, you can also play with opacity. Some doorlites have spots that are more opaque than others to create an even more interesting look. Obviously, no design should come at the cost of your privacy, so there is a wide variety of different ways glass door inserts play with opacity to create visual interest while still maintaining your privacy.

Everyone and every home are different, and so is our decorative door glass. When you let Trimlite help you create a stunning entrance with our glass door inserts that will become a focal point of your home, you won’t just be making your home a better reflection of your design preferences or making your home more visually appealing. You’ll also be making it feel more like home. Choose from our different door glass inserts to find the perfect fit.

It should be noted that the bubbles, lines, slight surface imperfections or discolorations on the decorative door glass are characteristics of all hand-crafted glass. They are not considered defects.

  • Glass: 2248 Adelaide decorative door glass

    Take modern elegance to the next level with Trimlite’s Adelaide decorative doorlite. With simple, yet elegant caming options, this doorlite is for the modernist looking for quiet flare. A privacy rating of 8 makes this doorlite a great choice for style and security. The Adelaide decorative doorlite is available in various configurations so you can be sure it fits the style and design of the door for you. Don’t wait, request a quote today and get the doorlite you have been dreaming of!

  • artisan decorative doorlite
    Artisan Decorative Doorlite Detail            

    You will love the detail in the decorative doorlite glass that is the Artisan by Trimlite. With clear bevel detailing paired with mica frosting and luminating reeds in the center, this decorative doorlite has a sleek stylish design that adds flavor to your entry way. Trimlite has multiple configurations available so you can be sure to get the right doorlite for your home. Be the talk of the neighborhood with this Artisian decorative doorlite from Trimlite!

  • doorlite

    Make your entryway the talk of the street with the Auburn Decorative Doorlite Glass from Trimlite! This charming design takes sea spray, sandblast, and grey water glass and combines them to create an amazing entryway display. The clear beveled diamonds add the finishing touch on this beautiful doorlite that can only be found in the Trimlite family. With nine configuration options we are sure we have the right auburn glass doorlite for your home. Contact us today to learn more about this Trimlite door glass!

  • 4229 Canterbury Doorlite on Home

    Turn you main entry into a classic tale with the Canterbury decorative doorlite glass. With intricate caming surrounding clear ripple, mica, and lava bevels, this doorlite is the epitome of classic elegance and grace. Pair your Cantebury decorative doorlite with the Canterbury sidelites and wow visitors to your home with the stunning display. Feel comfortable behind the glass that is rated 8 on the privacy scale making the interior of your home obscured from view through the glass. Request a quote today and see how Trimlite can work for you!

  • Everton Decorative Doorlite

    Add some artistic flare to your door with the gorgeous detail in the Everton decorative doorlite from Trimlite! The granite and sable glass work paired with clear bevels make the looping lines of this doorlite flow naturally to the middle of the doorlite. The Everton decorative doorlite is perfect for the homeowner looking for more than hard minimal line work in their front or back entry. Available in various configuartions this decorative doorlite is a great choice for any home. Contact us today and discover the Trimlite difference.

  • Granville Decorative Doorlite
    Detailed Granville Glass

    The sleek, modern look of the Granville decorative doorlite takes front doors to the next level with smooth lines and varying granite, mistlite, and clear beveling to give the door a clean piece of glass that is stylish without sacrificing privacy. With many configuration options, this favorite of Trimlite’s decorative doorlite is sure to find a home in your entryway. Contact us today to request a quote or find a dealer now!

  • Glass: 848_2248 _848_Harlow Harlow Decorative Doorlite

    The Harlow decorative doorlite by Trimlite is the doorlite for your build. With a privacy rating of 8 and four different glass styles patterned in a modern stacking design with clean lines and caming, this decorative doorlite is sure to add to the elegance of any entryway. With eight configuration options, and standard efficiency ratings on the glass, the Harlow is a great choice for any home. Find a dealer now and get yours today!

  • Glass: 2264 Hollister Hollister Decorative Doorlite

    Trimlite is proud to have the Hollister decorative doorlite in our doorlite collection. With glass detail that includes kasumi, rain, black, and clear beveling, the Hollister door design is a wonderful blend of coloring and texture that adds modern highlights to the entryway in a style and design you can only get from the Trimlite family of decorative doorlites. Request a quote now and find your doorlite today!

  • Decorative Doorlite - Deflective Glass Lexington Decorative Doorlite

    The Lexington decorative doorlite from Trimlite is the quality and style that is synonymous with the Trimlite decorative doorlites collection. With glass detailing including clear bevels, grey ripple, drawn, and clear ripple texturing, these doorlites are the clear choice for the modern home. With nine configurations and a privacy rating of 5, the Lexington decorative doorlite is the perfect addition to any entryway design. Find a dealer now to get your doorlite today!

  • 2264 Madison Decorative Doorlite on Home Madison Decorative Doorlite

    Get the elegant design and detail of the Madison doorlite from Trimlite’s collection of decorative doorlites for your home today! With the full castile texture the Madison decorative doorlite boosts an eight in privacy rating and has the style and quality that comes with Trimlite door glass inserts. With six different configurations for your door the Madison has many options to add flare to any entryway. Get a quote and find a dealer today!

  • Modena Decorative Doorlite
    Modena Decorative Doorlite Detail            

    The Modena decorative doorlite from the Trimlite collection is an amazing glass insert with granite and luminating reed textures mixed glass beveling give this doorlite a smooth, classic look that creates a classically modern look in your entryway. With an efficiency rating meeting low-E standard and a privacy rating of 7, the Modena is the perfect decorative doorlite for any modern classic. Find a dealer now and get yours today!

  • Narrows Decorative Doorlite
  • Glass: 0848_2248_0848_Niagara Niagara Decorative Doorlite

    Trimlite has this beautiful decorative doorlite in stock today! The Niagara decorative doorlite has mica and glue chips glass detailing to go with clear beveled design in the center of the insert. This doorlite is sure to make any entryway radiate with beauty and style while being energy efficient and maintaining privacy. With 8 configurations to choose from the Niagara doorlite is a great fit for any door! Find a dealer now and get yours today!

  • Perimeter Decorative Doorlite
  • Glass: 0764_2264_0764_Pinehurst Pinehurst Decorative Doorlite

    The Pinehurst decorative doorlite from Trimlite is a metalwork lovers dream! With intricate forged iron caming, and castlite glass, this doorlite gives entryways a beautiful handmade look with the quality of Trimlite design and manufacturing. The Pinehurst is available in 5 wrought iron glass door insert configuration options making it a good fit for most doors. Contact us today and find a Trimlite dealer in your area now!

  • Glass: 0764_2215_0764_Riverton_Obscure Riverton Obscure Decorative Doorlite
    Trimlite offers a modern decorative doorlite with the smooth lines and contrasts of the Riverton. The Riverton decorative doorlite has an amazing blend of obscure etched glass highlighted with clear glass lines separated by a 3/8” V-Groove that brings style to any entryway. With many options available, the Riverton can be paired with multiple styles and designs of doors and will add flare to any home. Check it out today and find a dealer near you!
  • Royston Decorative Doorlite

    Take modern elegance to the next level with Trimlite’s Royston decorative doorlite. With simple, yet elegant caming options, this doorlite is for the modernist looking for quiet flare. A privacy rating of 8 makes this doorlite a great choice for style and security. The Royston decorative doorlite is available in various configurations so you can be sure it fits the style and design of the door for you. Don’t wait, request a quote today and get the doorlite you have been dreaming of!

  • Glass: 0848_2248_Star
    Star_Detail                 The inlay of zinc and brass give the Star decorative doorlite its name with the blend of colors radiating from the insert. We know that you will love the star glass design of the caming paired with the glue chip and beveling glass details that make this doorlite a favorite of homeowners and builders alike. Request a quote today to get this amazing decorative doorlite from Trimlite!
  • Sullivan Doorlite in Entryway Sullivan Decorative Doorlite
    Take your entryway to the next level with the Sullivan full glass decorative doorlite by Trimlite. This sandblasted glass doorlite with 3/4” clear glass lines breaking the doorlite into segmented blocks for a clean, beautiful symmetrical styling. With a Low-E energy proficiency and a privacy rating of 8, this decorative doorlite is perfect for any modern entryway. Find a dealer now and get yours today!
  • Verona Decorative Doorlite
    Find classic beauty and design with the Verona decorative doorlite from Trimlite’s collection. This elegant glass doorlite has forged iron caming over a sandblast glass background to leave your entryway a stunning blend of art and function. The perfect doorlite for the classically elegant dark finish door to modern fiberglass panels, the Verona is a favorite in the decorative doorlite collection. Learn more by requesting a quote today!
  • Glass: 0764_2248_0764_Transom_Waterton Decorative Door Glass Inserts
    Waterton_Detail               Don’t miss the Waterton decorative doorlite by Trimlite! This Low-E energy efficient decorative glass door insert seamlessly combines clear bevels, mica, jewels, luminating reed, and clear swirl glass to create a unique effect in any entryway. Paired with patina caming, the Waterton has a detailed finish that shines on the fron of a home. Find one today at a Trimlite dealer!
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