Elmira Door & Trim Ltd.

Elmira Door & Trim Ltd.

A Business Built on Experience and Customer Service.

While Elmira Door and Trim Limited is a new adventure for Mike Woroch, this industry is definitely not. Mike grew up surrounded by doors and trim and the people who install them. He worked in the industry from a young age, where he learned all about the casings and mouldings, baseboards and doorways. But the most important thing he learned over the years, is that nothing is more important than outstanding customer service. Even the best products are of little value if they’re not on site when they’re needed. We are committed to earning your business every day.

This commitment to offer the best possible service is the foundation on which Elmira Door and Trim is built. It’s an exciting new journey for Mike and his team. Together they look forward to providing the products you want and the service you need.

Dealer Information


2-35 Union Street, Elmira ON N3B 2Y3



Hours of Operation:

M-F  7:00 am – 5:00 pm

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