A fiberglass door is a perfect choice for your home’s exterior entrance since it’s highly resistant to harsh climatic conditions. It neither contracts nor expands due to temperature variations. It also doesn’t crack, warp or rot. However, to bring the intended aesthetic value to your home, you need to add top-quality painting to your fiberglass door.

The beauty of fiberglass doors is that you can update them with new coats of paint anytime. Whether you want to cover a stain or just need to give your door a fresh look, at Trimlite, we’ve got you covered. We have superior painting products that will leave your door and the entire house with a completely new look.

One reason that makes homeowners prefer fiberglass doors is their ability to provide a touch and beauty of natural wood without having the shortcomings associated with wood, such as corrosion and scratching.

Painting a Primed Fiberglass Door

Generally, the same procedure used to paint any other door is applied when painting a primed fiberglass door. However, when painting, you will need to seal the door with a sealing primer to prevent the pigment from infiltrating the paint. Below are essential steps to follow when painting your fiberglass door:

  1. Preparation

Cover the floor with some cloths to prevent stain droppings. If possible, also remove the weather stripping around the door. You can also set up two sawhorses and put the drop cloth beneath the sawhorses.

  1. Cleaning

Thoroughly clean the door by removing all debris, dirt, and oils from its surface.

  1. Mask the doorlites

Remove all door attachments, including the doorknob, if possible. Cover the perimeter of the weather stripping and glass window panes using the painter’s tape.

  1. Sanding

Using 220-grit sandpaper, lightly sand the fiberglass door to create a slightly rough surface for the primer and paint to bond more quickly and strongly with the door. Use a clean, damp cloth to remove the sanding dust.

  1. Apply Primer

Apply a high-quality primer coating on the fiberglass door to prevent stain elements from showing through the paint. Use a synthetic roller cover instead of a foam cover as the latter leaves behind small air bubbles.

  1. Paint your door

Apply paint on the door just the way you did with the primer. Use the tip of the roller cover to access the corners of raised panels and recessed areas. Do not overload the paintbrush or roller but maintain a wet edge to create a smooth finish.

  1. Let your door dry

Allow the paint to dry thoroughly for the amount of time recommended by the paint manufacturer.

  1. Apply a second coat

Once the first coat is completely dry, apply the second coat of paint and allow it to dry fully before replacing the attachments and hardware removed during preparation. This can take up to 24 hours.

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Undoubtedly, painting your door introduces a new, vibrant and fresh look to your home’s exterior. It also helps eliminate any annoying stains that could be existing. Please contact us online today or call us directly at (425)251-8685 to order products for your next home improvement project.