Winter is guaranteed to be cold, but it can be downright nasty when harsh weather strikes. Heavy accumulation of snow, freezing rain, and cold snaps that whip across your face can make staying indoors very attractive. But while you get to crank up the thermostat and retreat to a cozy fireplace, your exterior doors remain on the front lines, protecting your home from the cold and the moisture. Winter and its effects on your doors is something that every homeowner should be aware of so that they can take steps towards ensuring that their homes remain protected at all times.

A Quality Door Makes a Big Difference

In the winter, cold temperatures infiltrate your home during all of that in and out and let the warm air escape, which is why it’s essential to ensure that your door doesn’t leak. This means equipping your home with the right tools for the job and selecting high-quality doors that offer enhanced protection. A door that is damaged or not sealed correctly will cause the cold to seep into your house, increase your heating bills and may need replacement—but reacting quickly can help you to extend your door’s life and enable it to keep your house fully sealed.Winter and Its Effects on Your Doors

What to Watch Out For

Sticking – Expansion and contraction can warp your doors over time and lead to gaps that let cold air in. The door should be properly shimmed during installation to close the gaps and ensure a tight seal.

Cracking – Doors can crack due to the fluctuating moisture levels of winter weather. To prevent further deterioration, they should be sealed quickly and repainted.

Binding – This occurs when your door pulls down from the top frame corner due to changing weather. Replacing the screws can help you ensure the door is square in the frame.

Won’t close – If your door won’t close, it is likely out of square with the frame. Shim the door and replace the screws with larger ones to make sure that the door is supported.

Misses strike plate – This is caused by a door that is misaligned with its hardware. Adjusting the strike plate will help it latch and create a tight seal from the elements.

Trimlite Will Keep You Prepared

If you have more extensive issues, it may be time to replace your door entirely with a new one that can handle the job. Winter and its effects on your doors are important to understand so that you can ensure your doors can provide adequate protection from harsh weather. At Trimlite, our team provides exceptional, high-quality door products, and we can help you choose doors that will keep your home safe and warm all year long. Contact us today for more information.