Every home has unique characteristics that showcase the style and taste of its residents, but many combine various styles all under one roof. Done well, this can really bring about a sense of creativity within a space, but it should be done with caution to avoid creating an unsightly mess. Interior door styles often set the tone for the rest of the home’s decor, so it isn’t something to be taken lightly. If you wish to mix and match interior door styles, start by learning which types are available and envision how a mix might look in your space.

Common Types of Interior Door Styles

French Doors

If you really want to open up your space and have doors separating your kitchen from your dining room, or living room from your family room, French doors are the perfect solution. Featuring either a full glass panel or multiple split glass panels, these doors are fully transparent and add an elegant flair to your home.

Paneled Doors

Raised panel or shaker panel doors offer a more traditional look while still refreshing your space. Shaker style is very popular for kitchen and bathroom cabinetry as well as a lot of furniture choices, so these doors can help you better match existing styles if that is your goal

Barn Doors

Barn doors have become widely popular over the past decade or so as a way of mixing things up and adding some rustic charm. These doors slide using hardware mounted above the door, and act as a perfect fit for home offices, playrooms, laundry rooms, ensuites, and more.

Modern Doors

More modern-looking doors may have up to nine full-width panels, giving them a more glamorous look than a traditional split six-panel door (or “dollhouse” door), though it isn’t uncommon to see 2-3 larger full-width panels. Swapping to modern doors makes a big impact on your space.

Glazed Doors

With added window inserts, glazed doors could also mean modern or paneled doors, while some glazed doors consist only of the perimeter frame and a full one-piece glazed glass insert. They let light in but aren’t transparent, so they serve well as doors for room separation, home offices, and more.

White Doors

If you have older wood doors now, swapping them out for white doors can add a vibrant splash of refinement to the inside of your home. White doors pair exceptionally well with black hardware, though just about any hardware finish will do.

Shop Interior Doors With Trimlite

However you choose to decorate your home, it’s important that your door styles match or at least complement the surrounding rooms — the goal is to complete the look, not to distract from it. So, whether you want to mix and match interior door styles or keep them all uniform and alike, Trimlite has an abundance of interior door options to satisfy everyone’s taste. Order your new interior doors today, and experience the unparalleled quality of a Trimlite door.