When it comes to choosing a wooden interior door, it’s pretty hard to pick just one style. Considering how many varieties of designs, materials, and colors are on the market, making this decision becomes even harder. But, no matter how many designs there are, some seem to be timeless.

The Shaker style is the one most commonly used for kitchen doors and cabinets. And, despite their popularity, many homeowners don’t know exactly what it is. We’ve come to their aid with a few explanations.

The shaker door is one of the most popular styles of doors. The first design was built in the 1800s by the Mount Lebanon Shaker Society and has since been altered and improved in many ways.

The Origins Of Shaker Doors

Shaker furniture is made in such a way as to reflect the ethics of the company of the same name. And, that is stability and durability achieved through an efficient design containing practical elements. The original Shaker door is based on a five-piece design, consisting of a flat central panel framed in a raised square frame.

The influence of the Shaker style can be seen in many homes and home designs, with this style lasting for over 100 years.

More Modern Variations

Shaker doors fit perfectly into many popular interior design styles today. Whether it’s a country chic-inspired bathroom or a modern kitchen, Shaker doors won’t disappoint, fitting perfectly into your plans.

Once you’ve selected the desired finish that suits your room, the last touch is choosing the right handles for your door. Although the original style calls for simple wooden knobs, which still look great, the simplistic lines of Shaker doors make sure that unique knobs or decorations take center stage.

Materials Used In Shaker Doors

In the beginning, Shaker doors were made of natural materials such as pine, maple, or cherry, but in contemporary times, more resistant materials such as oak or birch are used, which gives the doors a new design.

As far as Shaker handles are concerned, the most common material used is wood, then brass. When it comes to other furniture items such as kitchen worktops, they are most often made of the highest quality wood in a traditional Shaker kitchen, while in modern ones granite or marble predominate.

What Makes a Shaker Door so Special Afte All

Shaker doors are the most popular for the classic style simplicity they offer. They have a minimalist approach that looks like it will be in fashion for many years to come. They are easy to repair if splinters develop. Their main feature is their diversity and affordability. Whether you choose a modern, contemporary or traditional style, these doors are a perfect choice every time.

The design of Shaker doors promotes a timeless design, and their versatility makes them suitable for any place in the home, even shop windows, where a glass panel takes the place of the classic wooden panel.

Also, these doors are not only good for cabinet doors, but also as classic doors for the home. If you want a kitchen door that doesn’t need much maintenance, Shaker doors are the perfect choice for you.

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