Creating a great entryway involves selecting a door that complements your home’s architectural style. The right door can give any home a stylish flair and reveal the most about the mood of a house even before you enter. However, that’s easier said than done. Finding a perfect door to fit a home’s architectural design can be challenging, considering different home styles have varying requirements.

In this article, we’ll focus on choosing a door to fit your contemporary home style. Read on to learn everything you need to know about contemporary home designs.

What is Contemporary Style?

Generally, contemporary homes reflect whatever trends and concepts that are popular in the present. Sometimes the words contemporary and modern are used interchangeably, but the truth is that they are not synonymous in the home design industry. Contemporary style generally covers the current architecture as well as the evolving home fashions.

Modern home design is a popular style of homes built in recent times. Most of these structures emphasize stark minimalism and clean lines. On the other hand, contemporary architecture offers more than these features. It has multiple design tweaks that embrace natural, typical, and sustainable building materials and products.

What are the Characteristics of a Contemporary Home?

Contemporary architecture homes showcase various standards and characteristics of the design. The most popular contemporary style features include but are not limited to:

  • Clean Lines

This is probably the most noticeable feature of contemporary homes. A contemporary home utilizes clean, simple lines and a minimalist style of design. Furthermore, contemporary door trends use wood, steel, and full-frame glass to create a sleek look for both decorative and transparent door styles. If you’re looking for high-performance and durable contemporary doors, check out our selection at Trimlite for inspiration.

  • Simple Designs

Contemporary homes are designed to achieve simple yet elegant architecture. The interior space is created to allow for flexibility and openness, making everything so wide and clear on the inside. This style also offers endless possibilities for future adjustments and alterations. Moreover, contemporary homes utilize natural and ordinary materials and products such as wood, glass, metal, and concrete to build unique houses.

  • Plenty of light

A contemporary home design includes large windows to let in as much natural light as possible. Architectures also utilize large glass window panels, thanks to technological advancements, to allow for excellent exterior views. These features create a sense of openness and connection to the outdoor environment.

  • Unique

A contemporary architecture focuses on creativity and must have a unique style that reflects the owner’s preferences. In most cases, contemporary homes are usually built with flat roofs. And unlike the typical modern triangle-shaped roofs, the flat roofs can be extended to create an overhang that serves as an awning.

Popular Contemporary Interior Doors

At Trimlite, we are among the leading manufacturers of exterior and interior, millwork, and decorative door glass products for the construction materials industry. We offer a wide collection of contemporary doors to help create a modern, contemporary design with simple and sleek lines.

One of our contemporary doors, the Trimlite’s 8400 Series, comes with standard recessed panels, which you can opt to change for glass panels based on your needs. Trimlite contemporary shaker panel doors include 8410 shaker panels, 8411 shaker panels, 8466 panels, 8477 panels, and more. The beauty of all these doors is that they allow for customization to meet your specific aesthetic needs.

Get Your Customized Interior Door Today

When selecting a door to suit your home’s architecture, you need to consider important aspects such as flexibility, light, clean lines, personality, and durability. At Trimlite, we will provide you with superior doors to suit your home’s contemporary style and d├ęcor. Please contact us today to get a free quote.