The rustic style utilizes aged and rough organic materials in their very natural state to create a serene environment in your home. Not only is this style reliable, unique, and charming, but it also looks incredible when combined with other materials in proper proportions. Recently, rustic doors have become popular among many homeowners due to the intriguing and stylish rustic touch they add to their home’s exterior décor.

Rustic Doors

Rustic doors have casual, wooden designs and aren’t for every home. However, if they fit correctly with your home, they are the most prestigious option. Fiberglass rustic doors are aesthetically pleasing and carry a class and elegance that other doors can’t match up.

Plus, they are versatile and can be styled in any manner or painted in any color. Besides beauty, fiberglass doors enjoy an unmatched reputation and the capability to blend with different rustic home styles. If you are selecting a door to fit your architectural style, rustic door options from Trimlite are the best.

Rustic Home Designs that Rustic Doors Pairs Perfectly With

  • Craftsman Style

Craftsman Style is one of the most popular home styles today popularized in the early 1900s. Also known as a bungalow, this style takes much of its inspiration from Swiss and Japanese houses. It blends different design effects through the use of entrance porches, vaulted ceilings, gardens, and courtyards, as well as gabled and shed dormers to create a truly unique setting.

  • Mediterranean Style

Mediterranean style such as the Spanish electric or Spanish colonial revival usually features adobe exterior, low-pitched red tile roofing, a stucco, arches, and grillwork. Rooms are open to the yard to let in the fresh air, and the floor plan is oriented to a fountain and central courtyard to create more living space. Using rustic materials adds more beauty and character to the Mediterranean style.

  • Cottage Style

Cottage-style homes became popular in the U.S. during the earlier 1920s. Cottage house plans have unique features, including cross gables, steep roof pitches, casement windows, arched doors, and stucco or natural stone siding. Adding a rustic door to your cottage home is a great way to create a complete rustic look.

  • Traditional Style

Just as its name sounds, traditional style is a classic, less formal, and comfortable house that blends proportions and shapes that are balanced. When you combine traditional style with rustic materials, you attain a perfect rustic feel. Imagine pine floors with custom moldings and a large front rustic door with a large timber lintel above a window in a stone wall.

  • Appalachian Style

The Appalachian architecture features large porches suitable for gatherings and a front and back porch with standard gabled dormers. These homes often exude simplicity, creativity, and practicality. With humble origins, the Appalachian houses have transformed into large hunting masterpieces with beams, large timber rafter, and massive glass pieces to provide long-distance views.

Rustic Door Collection at Trimlite

At Trimlite, we offer a wide range of exterior doors to fit any home style and design. Our high-quality doors are made from fiberglass, visually appealing, and capture the essence of function in your home.

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