Plantation Louvered Doors

Plantation Louvered Interior Doors at Trimlite

Promote airflow throughout your home with the use of Trimlite’s Plantation Louver doors.

The Primed Plantation Louver door is not your traditional louver door. Our oversized 3-¼” louver slat increases ventilation, while still having the strength and stability of true stile and rail construction. Trimlite’s Plantation Louvered doors gives you the benefits of a venting louver door, while still allowing for increased privacy. Also available are our Plantation bifold doors, which are perfect for a closet space or pantry. Our Plantation style interior doors are an eye-catching yet practical addition to any home or building project.

If you’re looking for a unique interior door for sale and beneficial piece for your next project, Trimlite’s Plantation Louver Doors are the perfect choice!

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