The Privacy Scale

When it comes to glass doors, there is no way to gauge privacy.  Contributing factors to privacy are usually level of tint, light diffraction, and transparency.  With increases in privacy, there are drawbacks, such as exchanging clarity, the amount of light that is let in, and even energy efficiency variations.  Privacy is measured on a scale from 1 to 10, with ten being the highest in privacy and one being the lowest.

About Each Privacy Level

Low Privacy (0-3): Clear glass doors with the lowest privacy allow more light to pass through.  Also, you will have the most visibility, since the better you are able to see out, means that others can see in just as easily.  Even with Low-E ratings and argon gas-filled spaces, clear glass allows for the most transmission of UV and infrared radiation, meaning that clear glass will allow your rooms to heat up from sunlight more readily than other levels of privacy.

Medium Privacy (4-6): Medium privacy glass is typically a combination of patterned glass and clear glass, which allows for light to enter, but because of tinting and texturing, the effect is much more translucent than it is completely transparent.  This is ideal for front doors and areas where it is good to know if someone is in front of your door, since you can still see shadow, movement, and even some details, however, the light is refracted in such a way as to not allowing much detail to be seen.  The con to this type of glass is you can’t always make out very distinct details from the inside, and someone on the outside can also see if you have approached the door.  If either of these is a concern, you should get a higher level of privacy glass door.

High Privacy (7-10): The highest set of privacy glass.  This type of glass allows for only shadow and the soft glow of light to pass through.  This is ideal for allowing the warm ambient light of day into your home without allowing anyone to see inside.  However, at night, your silhouette can still be seen through the glass by those on the outside.  Also, another drawback if you might not be able to see who is standing on the outside of your door, other than a shadow.

5 Glass Inserts to Fit Your Life

1. Clear Glass Solution Series Doorlite – Privacy 1

Clear Glass Insert


This door is great at letting light in and providing a clear view, while still being very insulated.







2.Star Decorative Doorlite – Privacy 4

Star Glass Insert


With beveled panels of clear glass and larger translucent panels, you get decorative as well as private, with a lot of light to match your aesthetic.









3. Lexington Decorative Doorlite – Privacy 5

Lexington Glass Insert


Clear bevels and ripple texture gives you plenty of light and increased privacy with a modern pattern.









4. Pinehurst Decorative Doorlite – Privacy 9

Pinehurst Glass Insert


Castlite glass with barred patterns set in forged iron caming, this window is tough as well as private, offering plenty of obscurement but allowing light to enter.









5. Verona Decorative Doorlite – Privacy 9

Verona Glass Insert


With the most opacity of our styles, this sandblasted glass offers soft lighting to enter without sacrificing privacy and style.  Forged and wrought iron caming gives this door strength as well as style.








Why Trimlite?

With a variety of different privacy and style features to suit your home, Trimlite has what you are looking for on your next home improvement project.  Click here to learn more about us.  Shop Trimlite for these amazing doors!

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