Driving through various neighborhoods, it’s common to see a lot of homes that look the same, and with them, a lot of front doors that are basic and insignificant — but yours doesn’t have to be. Adding glass to your front door can really improve the curb appeal of your home and give you a sense of pride each time you cross the threshold. When you personalize your door with the right glass, it makes all the difference, so let’s look at how to choose the correct glass for a front door.

How to Choose the Correct Glass for a Front Door

If you decide to have glass installed in your front door, you’ll want to make sure that it meets safety standards. This could mean tempered glass that may be laminated, as well as insulated glass to prevent heat loss from inside your home during colder months. As a general rule, all glass used for a front door should be tempered.

Types of Glass for Front Doors

Choosing the correct glass for a front door may require you to consider safety, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be decorative. There are a few different options that can really improve the look of your home and give guests a warm welcome each time they visit.

Translucent Glass

Translucent glass is great for allowing natural light to flood into your home, all while providing privacy with options such as frosting or satin glass. If your front door has sidelites, translucent glass is a popular option that is sure to complete the look you want.

Textured Glass

For a more lavish look, textured glass is often used with iron grilles and is available in numerous patterns and thicknesses. It will allow light to enter, and you can control just how much depending on the thickness and pattern that you choose. Textured glass can be more expensive than other options, but the end result is well worth it for many applications.

Restoration Glass & Stained Glass

If you have an older home and want to keep the character and rustic feel alive, using restoration glass is your best bet. This type of glass is intentionally distorted and contains imperfections to make it look like it was manufactured long ago. Where modern glass can take away from the originality of the structure, restoration glass and stained glass will help you preserve the look of your restored home.

Personalize Your Door With the Right Glass From Trimlite

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