Doorways Say a Lot About a Place

When nearing the end of a new build and you’re adding the finishing touches, there are a few things that can really mean the difference between something adequate and a place that takes the experience of living to an entirely different level.  Doorways are often the first thing a person notices when entering a room, and as a result, the right doorways can highlight a room and improve not only its aesthetic, but also make a statement about a place right away.  This is why choosing the right door can dramatically influence a space.

Things To Consider

When choosing a style that can appeal to multiple tastes, you might think that this is impossible.  The truth is that with a wider selection of doorways, you can greatly affect a living area, from the front door and entryway to interior doors and even accessories.  Your tastes should match to a certain degree, but the best houses are places that feel lived in.  The right doorways bring out the character of the people living there, and make a place a home, or at the very least should complement the character of the people living there.

Al Variety of Options

There are dozens of different options to consider.  Trimlite offers over 70 different designs and finishes in doorlites alone. There are so many door finishes and designs of doors for inside and outside, you need to see for yourself.  We specialize in working with your available space, since houses come in as many shapes and sizes as the people who call them home.  Customizing your home should give you the options to make it your own and flex your creative muscles in the process.

Storm Series: Stronger glass, higher R ratings, and even internal blinds can give your home the extra protection it needs from the elements.

Decorative Doorlite Glass: with a range of different beveled, textured, metal and glass combinations, and patterns to choose from, you can let your imagination run wild.

Different Door Finishes: Fiberglass, steel, aluminum, and many varieties of wood make up the bulk out our materials.  Each offers a different quality to either enhance the look or the strength of your doors. Whether you want solid color paint schemes or traditional wood grain, we have something for you.:

Why Trimlite?

Trimlite has been working with clients for decades, bringing its assortment of styles, quality craftsmanship, and a reputation that spans four countries and thousands of satisfied customers.  We see every home as a challenge in creativity and want to provide our customers with the best experience possible when it comes to interior and exterior doors and doorways.  Shop Trimline today to see what products we have that will inspire your next project!  Our doors are nothing short of amazing, but want you to see the difference for yourself!