The desire for privacy and security is increasing as many homeowners prefer the ability to come home and close themselves off from the outside world. Whether it’s peace and quiet that you’re after, or if you simply live in a busy area and don’t want that door-to-door salesperson knowing that you’re home, you can avoid hiding behind the sofa when you add privacy to your front door (or create a more private back door). You don’t have to spend a fortune, either, as there are many options available to fit any budget.

Obscured Glass

You’ve probably seen front or back doors that have etched designs or frosting — this is called obscured glass, and it’s simply a decorative way to add privacy to your front door or create a more private back door. They can be often easily replaced depending on your preference or if you are just looking to add that additional privacy to your home. Along with the great privacy you get from obscured glass, upgrading the glass in your front door improves your curb appeal. The cost will be higher than curtains or blinds, and you’ll likely need to have it professionally installed, but it’s a great option for those who are seeking a more minimalistic look in place of other coverings.

Blinds Between the Glass

Blinds between the glass are a great option for those looking to add privacy to their front or back doors. With these blinds, there is no more dusting and no more exposed cords. You can easily prevent sunlight as well as provide additional privacy with blinds between the glass. These blinds can raise/lower and tilt with one easy-to-use control system. To maximize natural light, while adding additional privacy to your front and back doors blinds between the glass are a great option.

Glass Paint

Paint might not be one of the first solutions that comes to mind, but it is a viable way to add privacy to your front door or back door. Glass paint comes in countless colors and serves as a DIY-friendly and cost-friendly option. Make sure that it’s intended for glass applications, however — glass paint is a permanent solution and will bond to the glass when applied with a brush.

Privacy Film

Another cost-friendly option is the use of privacy film. Simply cut the film to fit your window size, peel the backing off, and stick it on! Privacy film can be installed by anyone with a good eye for keeping things straight, and a simple squeegee will help you apply it without any air bubbles or wrinkles.

Privacy Curtains

Curtains may seem a bit obvious when it comes to shielding the view, but if you want to add privacy to your front door, they serve as a great, age-old option. Also, if you want a more private back door and have a large window to contend with, installing a curtain will ensure that you’re the only one doing the peeking!

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