Living in a coastal environment has many advantages, but while you might welcome the feeling of ocean spray, your doors aren’t in the same boat. Harsh winds and constant wet conditions can create issues for your exterior doors and cause them to become damaged much faster than those in other inland areas. Coastal environment

doors require specialized maintenance, and there are a number of actions you can take to combat the sand, sea, and salt, and the amount of damage that your door receives.

Coastal Environment Doors

Tips for Choosing Coastal Environment Doors

  1. If your home is near the ocean, you’ll likely need to replace your door and window products more frequently. Sea salt eats away at your door seals and makes them prone to leaks. Your doors may also warp faster than in other areas – you should consider replacing them every 5-10 years in most cases.
  2. Examine the weather stripping around your door before purchasing a new product – you may be able to replace only the stripping around the door frame and sweep instead. In most cases, you can find the right replacements at your local hardware store. If this doesn’t resolve the issue, a new door may be the right choice.
  3. You may not need hurricane-rated products, so don’t spring for these unless it’s required. There are various coastal door products with designs and pressure ratings to withstand winter storms or non-hurricane rated storms. Design or Pressure ratings of 30 will suffice and are only a small upgrade from a standard unit.
  4. Material-wise, consider using an alternative to wood, as wood doesn’t perform well in the case of a coastal environment. Doors and will disintegrate faster than other options. Steel is one solution, though wet conditions can quickly cause steel doors to rust. Fiberglass is an ideal material that will withstand the salt and wind typically qualitative of a coastal environment.
  5. Installation is important. Be sure that your door opening is adequately weatherized so that it is ready to perform well against the wind and salt. Hiring an experienced installer who can ensure that your doors are installed properly will also make a big difference, as keeping them square, trimmed, and sealed will give you significant peace of mind.
  6. Finishing your doors annually with fresh paint or stain can help to minimize damage over time. You should also check the weather stripping and door sweeps to ensure that they aren’t deteriorating or causing any leaks.

Why Choose Trimlite for Coastal Environment Doors?

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