Your front door serves two major roles in your home. First, it forms part of your home’s aesthetic aspect by creating the first and last impression. The second is security from the outside world. Your front door provides the primary means to enter and exit your home, and it must be built to be strong enough to resist forced entry while keeping the elements at bay.

When choosing glass door inserts for your front door, be sure to find glass options that complement these two roles of aesthetic and functional value. Below, front door experts at Trimlite highlight some of the best glass options for the front door you may want to consider.

  • Insulated Glass

If you’re looking for a glass option to offer you ultimate protection against cold weather, the insulated glass is the best energy-efficient option. This glass is made of a combination of two or more glass panes sealed tightly together with a gas-filled cavity in between.

The multiple panes help prevent heat transfer into and out of your house. Insulated glass doors are not only durable but also beautiful, relatively affordable, and low-maintenance options that can keep your home warm throughout winter. These doors are increasingly becoming popular due to the exciting features they offer to modern homes.

  • Clear Glass

Clear glass products are some of the most attractive options that look stylish on your front door. This type of glass is often used to add a decorative feature to doors built of solid materials like wood. Despite their amazing style, clear glass doors offer little privacy and require high maintenance to ensure high performance and reliability.

  • Textured Glass

Most glass products are transparent. But unlike the transparent options, the textured glass comes with a unique variation that enhances privacy in your home. It also features a really nice stylish design that adds beauty to your front door. This type of glass is available in various styles, including glazed, water glass, beveled, frosted, and ripple glass.

Although the pattern on the glass blocks it from the sight of the outside, it permits a more controlled amount of natural light into your home. The textured glass comes in a variety of patterns that you can customize to suit your unique taste and personality.

  • Stained Glass

In most cases, stained glass is made by mixing glass and lead. Multiple pieces of glass of different sizes and colors are infused together using copper foil. If you are looking for the best glass for a front door that can add beauty to your home’s exterior living space, consider choosing the stained glass.

These pieces of glass throw fantastic light and color patterns whenever light passes through them. Besides being visually appealing, this glass option offers more privacy to your home than regular glass products.

What Trimlite Has to Offer

If you need assistance choosing the right glass door inserts for your front door, the friendly team at Trimlite can help. Explore our many collections of plain and decorative glass inserts and find a Trimlite dealer near you. You can also contact us if you’re stuck and need help, and our customer support team will respond quickly.