Irrefutably, your front door is one of the things people see first when they visit your home. It is therefore paramount to make it as welcoming as possible. Plus, a beautifully painted exterior door is a great way to increase your premise’s exterior aesthetics and showcase your personality.

Essentially, there are no hard and fast rules for exterior door painting; you can use any color you’d like. However, there are considerations to ensure you select a shade and design you’ll love. To make the right color selection, follow these do’s and don’ts when purchasing your exterior door paint.

The Do’s

Choose Classics

While you don’t have to limit your color choices, it is crucial to stick with the classics. Neutral hues like gray, brown, or black will not only look bold on your front door but can also withstand the test of time. Navy blue and deep red are also great classic exterior door shades that can act as neutrals.

The beauty of using neutral door colors is their ability to adapt to any style. Alternatively, you can choose to stain your exterior door rather than painting it. Use stains like wood to help maintain the neutral touch and grain pattern.

Get the Right Paint

Remember that your exterior door is exposed to the outside environment, making it susceptible to elements. Exterior door design experts from Trimlite recommend that you purchase the right paint to prevent fading and peeling. There are several door-friendly outdoor paint finishes like glossy, semi-glossy, and matte, which can help create the desired tone on your exterior space.


Forget to Consider Your Home’s Exterior Look

Some neighborhoods determine which outdoor color shades can be used to maintain uniformity throughout the community. Check to identify these restrictions and once you do, go ahead and choose a color that matches the overall style of your exterior space. Don’t be afraid of bright colors or other shades that can inspire your surroundings.

After all, you need a color that will blend with other shades on your home’s exterior, regardless of the trim colors. For instance, if your porch lacks natural light, you may get away with a lighter color or other bright shades like white.

Forget to Review Painting Instructions

Please review finishing instructions for our exterior doors. There are several steps to prep the door and frame to maintain a long-lasting finish and color. Different paint manufacturers have different applications instructions, so please consult with your preferred supplier.

Ignore Your Screen Door

A screen door impacts the overall look of your front door. So if your home’s exterior door features a screen door, consider painting its frames with a contrasting color for a unique look. Ensure you consider the surroundings and style before choosing your screen door color.

The Most Popular Exterior Door Colors

There are numerous front door colors out there. If you’re unsure which color is suitable for your exterior door, here are some suggestions to consider.

  • Mustard yellow – Although it’s a neutral shade, mustard yellow is a highly versatile, unique, and eye-catching exterior door hue.
  • Bright red – A bright red color works well if your home is light-colored. Being a bright shade makes your front door a focal point that attracts visitors to your premises.
  • Barely black – Black is a neutral color that blends with a variety of colors. Mainly if the rest of your home décor is white, painting the front door and shutters black is a great dress-up that will create a beautiful and sophisticated look.
  • Navy blue – A fresh coat of navy blue color on your front door can create a unique and charming look. Furthermore, it is a neutral and versatile color, making it an excellent choice for your exterior door and shutters.

Get Color Solutions for Your Exterior Door Today

When it comes to painting your home, your exterior door shouldn’t be overlooked. Remember, the color you choose for the front door reflects your personality and style.

At Trimlite, we will provide you with the painting products to make your exterior door stand out and suit the overall style of your home. Please get in touch with us today for all your exterior door color solutions.