Cross Reed

Cross Reed Obscurityprivacy_8

Glass Details Cross Reed Textured Glass
Glass Sizes 0806, 0808, 2203, 2208, 764, 2215 (1-Lite, 3-Lite and 6-Lite)
Energy Efficiency Standard Low-E with Argon. Clear also available.
Frame Details Patented Interlocking Frame with Compression Seal.

Solution Series Frame


Thoughtful, clean lines, simple design and peace of mind. These guiding principles inspired us to create the Solution Series. The Solution Series is perfect for any door where you want the glass and frame to be the star, without the frame ruining your inspiration. At the Intersection of Form and Function.

    • Available in White or Tan Frame
    • Shaker Style Low Profile
    • No Screws, Plugs, or Holes
    • Textured Vertical Grain Pattern
    • Patented Frame System
    • Connects Modern, Craftsman, or Mid-Century Architectural Styles.

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