Door Installers Can Say ‘Goodbye’ to Frame Plugs

Trimlite’s new screwless door frames can reduce installation time and increase curb appeal

RENTON, Wash. — One of the biggest pet peeves of the door installation industry is about to be a thing of the past. Starting this month, prehangers can avoid pesky frame plugs and put away the screwdriver, thanks to the introduction of the new Solution Series door frames and doorlites from Trimlite.

The first one-piece, screwless door frame system that took more than seven years to develop, the patented Solution Series features a compression seal and interlocking joints that dramatically streamline installation for hard-working pros by reducing tedious, repetitive steps. With its low-profile appearance that melts into the background, the frames allow the doorlites to take on starring roles in the entry unit.

“When it comes to doors and frames, screw holes and plugs are the sore thumbs of the industry,” said Trimlite Director of Marketing Adam Wendt. “Traditional door frames require a huge investment of time and effort to hang and often do not produce the aesthetic results that homeowners desire. The Solution Series removes all those challenges and makes the process simpler for the installer, while avoiding unsightly gaps or unfinished screw plugs.”

Trimlite’s new, one-piece, screwless Solution Series door frames are only 3/16″ thick and can dramatically reduce installation time.

Style and Durability
With an eye toward curb appeal, the Solution Series is ideal for homeowners looking for flexibility in showcasing their personal styles.

Solution Series frames offer clean lines and integrate with the most popular architectural styles, including modern, craftsman and midcentury. The Shaker style profile measures only 3/16″, compared to most other frames that come in at 7/8″, meaning that the doorlites are the first things visitors see when they arrive at a home’s entry.

The ABS plastic frames are available in white and tan with vertical wood grain patterns and can be painted or stained to match any color scheme. To hold up in climate zones from Arizona to Alberta, Canada, the frames were rigorously tested and can withstand extreme temperatures from 30 below zero to 180 degrees Celsius, meaning they won’t fade, crack, warp or dip. A leading-edge compression seal protects against water infiltration. Trimlite pairs the frame with 11 energy-efficient, modern glass styles.

“Trends are changing in the housing industry,” said Wendt. “Smaller glass doorlites are becoming more prevalent, but homeowners want frames to be hidden from view and be unobtrusive. We see this most often in front entry door projects where the personal expression of the homeowner needs to come through. A durable, low-profile frame that is easy to install is a win-win for the installers and homeowners.”

Solution Series frames and doorlites are available throughout the United States and Canada from local door dealers and distributors. Visit to learn more.

Contact: Gary Rubin, APR, CMD, on behalf of Trimlite, 503-488-4443,

Trimlite Completes Acquisition of CODEL Entry Systems

July 26, 2017 – Trimlite LLC, a premier manufacturer and distributor of stile and rail doors, fiberglass doors, decorative glass and other home building products, in partnership with TriWest Capital Partners, has completed their acquisition of CODEL Entry Systems.

CODEL is a Tacoma, Washington, based distributor specializing in the prefinishing and prehanging of fiberglass and steel entry doors and other building products. Founded in 1997, CODEL distributes their branded products to customers across the Western United States and Canada. CODEL has been a Trimlite customer for many years and the acquisition will cement the existing relationship.

“We have a long track record of working with CODEL and have always been impressed with their product selection and value-added services.” said Ross Murray, CEO of Trimlite.  “Brent Moss and his very capable management team are well equipped to execute on their growth plan for CODEL Entry Systems. We at Trimlite look forward to working with the team to reach their targets and finding new ways to partner to accelerate their growth.”

Brent Moss, General Manager of CODEL said, “My team and I are very familiar with Trimlite and their products. Their products fit perfectly with our services and bode well for our customers, our suppliers, and our employees. We look forward to our partnership with Trimlite.”

About Trimlite

Founded in 1982 as a manufacturer of decorative glass inserts for steel door fabricators, Trimlite has evolved into a premier manufacturer and distributor of stile and rail doors, fiberglass doors, decorative glass and other home building products for the building materials industry across North America. The Company has created a unique value proposition by developing an integrated supply chain that includes manufacturing plants in China, Vietnam, Canada and the United States, as well as strategically positioned distribution facilities across several key markets in North America.